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How to use data cable for Nokia N73.?

I have been using USB Card Reader till date but do not know how do you transfer you datas, photos, music from PC to MobileCan anyone help me with this STEP BY STEP Please!!!


1) connect the device to the pc via usb port behind the pc 2) take the memory care out of the phone and put it inside the memory card reader 3) Browse the memory card reader using the Removable Disk icon in My computer 4) Put the music in the Music or songs folder, images in the pictures or images folder, data in the other folder. 5) take the card out and open the folders in the phone.
Dec 7, 2017
i've got purely have been given one as an improve from the N70. i'd propose it as someone friendly telephone. known Nokia menu with a superb show. i take advantage of it with Co-Pilot (Sat Nav) and it quite is totally sturdy. The Calender is easy to apply and on the full it quite is not over complicated. utilizing the internet - you get to apply a cursor that's reachable. Im distinctly ineffective with mobiles yet i can navigate my way around this telephone with none probs. 8/10
Dec 7, 2017

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