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how would like to build cement steps on a incline?

I would like to build 4 steps on a incline. It is above a retaining wall but will be a good foot away from the wall all on firm packed dirt. I have a couple questions. One side of the steps would be next to the garage wall.1. Can I pour cement up against the cinder wall?2. If so how would someone build steps form without any boards against the one side. So basically just have the one side and front plate.3. Or would you recommend having a board against the wall. Or pull it out after the form has set?


I would not build those steps directly against the cinder block wall. And here's my reasoning. If you attach those steps without support like rebar, if the house shifts it will shift and crack the steps too. If you use rebar the same thing might happen. I would leave at least a one inch space between the cinder block wall and build an independent form that is separate from the garage wall so it can float kinda like the 1/4 inch float you have when installing a wood floor. It gives it room to move. You can use ply for the form on the garage side and pull it out when the cement is cured enough for the form to be removed. Something to think about
May 11, 2017
have you thought of buying a precast fiberglass step, they go well with weather, they are strong and you can pain them if you like. Home Depot might have some
May 11, 2017
Have you considered buying pre-cast concrete steps?
May 11, 2017

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