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I am finishing my basement and putting in a drop ceiling. I need some help...?

This is one of the new low-profile ones that hangs only 1 1/8 below the joists. The main drain PVC pipes all run together at one point next to the foundation (poured, not block) wall. There is about a 5-6' section wide that all hangs about 4-5 below the joist and sticks out 4-5 from the wall. Question is, how do I go about putting the drop ceiling around this mess? Do I build a case for it and block it all in with nice cedar stained wood? I need some suggestions please!


I would not build the cabinet or what ever he was trying to describe , If your wall are drywall use drywall type x (fire rated) and when you frame out for the plumbing make it big enough for an access panel (12x12 or 16x16) in case repairs to the plumbing need to be done and after the drywall is finished properly if can be painted the same color as tile so it is not notised as much. If you have a professional grid man doing the work, Grin. He can actually build a soffit out of the grid material and put the tile in it so it all matches, description of this would be exhausting but it can be done, ive done it for my customers esp. in basements. Find a commercial ceiling grid guy and he should be able to do it if you so choose. ps- it takes rivets and special tile retaining clips for it to work, i say this so you dont get bullshitted by ceiling guy. Good luck and let me know how it turned out.
Apr 14, 2017
i would really need to see this for an honest answer. my only suggestion would be to block it all in with cedar like you said, but rather than just blocking it in, why not make a cabinet that is the same measurements as what you would need to block off the eyesore and run it the whole length off the wall or ceiling. this way you would have a long, narrow, and wide cabinet and it wouldnt look like you just covered it up it would also have a functioning purpose.this would be especially useful, if you have children, to keep harmful things out of their grasp.
Apr 14, 2017

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