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I am trying to figure out how much I would need in Cement Board?

I am trying to fix both my bedrooms there are about 350/400sq and I need to know about how many boxes I should buy? the size for the cement board is: 3 x 5 x 1/4in.If any one can help that would be great. I stick at math lol


400 sg/ft . bedroom. 3 ft x 5 ft cement board is 15 sq feet. 400 sq/ft divided by 15 sq/ft 26.6 cement boards... 350 sq/ft bedroom would be 350 divided by 15 23.3 cement boards. So that is how you do it. Depending on the shape of your room, will change how the boards fit in the space. So you may need a couple more 3x5 boards as there will be some waste .
May 11, 2017
Don't say I suck at math lol. That's nothing to laugh at, it's something to be ashamed of. Quit admitting you suck at it and aspire to be better at it. You don't need cement board for your project. That stuff is for installing tile. You want drywall, which is available in 4x8 sheets in various thicknesses up to 5/8. Each sheet of drywall is 32 sq. ft, so you'll need at least 14, plus maybe another one or two to accommodate the necessary waste of cuts and cutouts.
May 11, 2017

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