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I can ollie on rug but not cement?

I can jump atleast 4 or 5 inches on a rug,grass, mud, sand. but i cant on cement when i ollie on cement my board like slips away after i pop and on everything else it doesnt. help?


its because ur afraid, u dont have a soft surface anymore and thats making you nervous take ur time. focus on ur wieght distrubtion and the pop, everything is done the same. dont worry relax, the hardest part of skateboarding are the mental blocks, if u dont think u can do it, u wont. if u think u can, then at least u have a chance. just tell yourself over and over its easy and that you can do it. dont give up on the first few tries keep trying ull get it. i suppose i can tell u why the board is slipping away, but a real skater would figure it out himself. 1 your not putting enough pressure on your back foot 2 ur not snaping it down hard enough as you jump 3 ur popping it back instead of down. 4 you just plain suck (no im just kidding) skateboarding is all about commitment
May 11, 2017
It is cause you have got so used to doing it on carpet. I wouldn't recommend anyone learning tricks stationary on carpet. Just keep practicing it. You will have to relearn it on cement.
May 11, 2017
Just keep on practicing. I have friends that are really good at skateboarding and practice is the best things there is
May 11, 2017
that's rather helpful to benefit the grip on your board. If no longer that then perchance your shoes are the issue. If no longer the two of those merely regulate the way your foot is on the board, and prepare prepare prepare
May 11, 2017

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