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I don't like my ceramic brackets anymore?

I'm almost two years into treatment and have maybe a year or more to go. The top 6 brackets on my teeth are ceramic and a few of them have broken off on numerous occasions. They've also stained quite a bit, would it delay my treatment if I changed them to metal ones?


Hello Friend, Of course 2 yrs is really a long period for Braces. Any kind of Brackets if not sustained for a period of time will not give results, More than results Finishing is the word i prefer. Consult your dentist, have a discussion with him , why this is happening. find out the exact reason and handle it. be regular in your maintainence part and periodic checkups. i bet u can Finish ur treatment in perfect form. There is no need to change for metal ones. since it will shoot ur Budget up All the Best Dr.Siva Prakash Dhanaraj. BDS, PGCOI, PGCAD (MANIPAL)
Jan 26, 2018
Yeah probably, and you would have to pay extra.
Jan 26, 2018

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