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I have big speakers and I need help?

I Have big Speakers and I Need help in choosing a Amp to plug my ipod. Or Choosing a good A/v Receiver. No, they are not car speakers. These speakers are like a DJ system speakers!


Big is an excessively generic description. Find out the RMS power rating, or, even better, the recommended range of RMS amplifier power for the specific model of speakers you have, then choose an amplifier or receiver with specifications in that range. Beware of cheap speakers that have grossly inflated power ratings: I have a Pyle Pro PADH1079 PA speaker that is supposedly capable of handling 250 W RMS, with a 500 W maximum. In reality, that much power would burn it up in seconds. A more realistic rating would be a tenth of what the manufacturer claims, thus 25 W and 50 W. I have extensively tested this speaker with a good quality 60W amplifier, and found that the speaker begins to produce noticeably distorted sound before the amplifier reaches its clipping point.
Dec 7, 2017
Pioneer and Onkyo are the top brand for receivers. You will also need an ipod dock. Stand alone power amplifier are mainly left to the higher end of the audio are are very expensive. Most consumers go with receivers as the main source. You can look for a stereo receiver or one that can support 5.1 to 7.1 audio for the home theater. Hope this will help you out.
Dec 7, 2017

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