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I was just doing lighting, sound, video, equipment rental,

I was just doing lighting, sound, video, equipment rental, who can tell me how the lighting sound video business started to run Thank you.


I have done fifteen years of leasing business, it can be said to do this line is really hard start, I started with some units engaged in product promotion began, and then with the government agencies of the bureau or cultural station (these institutions rarely professional Performance audio equipment), but also with some of the peers to deal with their business more will be called foreign aid, which is common in the holidays, the day long, the circle opened, the entertainment industry friends also more. The most important thing is: the equipment can not be, the level of operation have to keep up. Otherwise there is no repeat customers, and finally will collapse. I now have more than 900,000 investment in equipment, a single microphone is more than eight thousand. Last year to engage in 300 performances, I do not do a small business now, the rental starting price is 3 thousand, 4-6 thousand of the majority, this price does not contain lights.
May 9, 2017
It is best to cooperate with the performance brokerage company. This horizontal open the market
May 9, 2017
Network promotion to keep up with, send information, telephone, mail one can not less.
May 9, 2017
You can try to contact enterprises and institutions, to do something in the festival or publicity events, wedding company also has needs.
May 9, 2017

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