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idle control servo--1996 eclipse gs?

i have done some research on the web and have possibly narrowed down what my problem is--- 1 out of about 5 times I stop at a light my 1996 eclipse 2.0 dohc gs (chrysler american) likes to idle low around 400-500 rpms and now and again to 100 rpms-- do you think this is the idle control servo (motor) I was hoping to get feedback from a Mitsubishi mechanic on this-- one other interesting fact is that when it is at idle at a stop if I turn the wheel and engage the power steering it will idle normally around 800-1000 rpm--- is there a way to clean this component? or should I just replace it? I cleaned the throttle body which was very dirty-- is the idle control servo located on the throttle body? thanks for the help


The idle is computer controlled. Make sure that you have free play in the accelerator cable, if it's too tight the throttle won't close all the way and the idle will not function correctly. You might also pull the plug wires and check for oil in the spark plug holes, It's pretty common on the 420a motors. A new cam cover gasket and the 4 o-rings that seal the spark plug towers will be needed. A sticking EGR valve will also cause a rough idle and that could be the problem since it might only stick once in a while.
Dec 7, 2017
All good points, in addition you say you cleaned the throttle body did you spray carb cleaner in there? If so you can very easily short the IAC. It's more common on a Mitsu motor, but it will happen on the 420A also. It usually causes a problem ALL the time however, but just as a point, never spray carb clean in a modern throttle body, just spray a rag and wipe.
Dec 7, 2017

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