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if i were to build a glass house made from bullet proof material?

glass inside the house water flowing on top of it and more glass over it,would it stop all radiation from the sun just by using water.


Glass doesn't filter all radiation. It may filter out SOME UV, but not all of it - otherwise the plants inside wouldn't last long. If you can see through glass - it is passing the range of electromagnetic radiation that out eyes are sensitive to - ie: visible light. It will also pass most other common forms of radiation α (alpha) - penetrates only a few inches in air β (beta) - penetrates perhaps up to 10 feet in air γ (gamma) - stopped only by extremely dense matter (at least 3 inches of lead or gold) cosmic rays - nothing on this planet will stop this - they pass through everything
Apr 14, 2017
where are you gona get the bullet proof glass? who is going to build it for you? how much would it cost? how long would it take to build? what about electricity? what if an idiot really tries to break into your house by shooting 50cal rounds repeatedly? how are you gona make out without outsiders spying you? ............ have you thought of those?
Apr 14, 2017
no private life for the people inside
Apr 14, 2017

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