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If my USB cords does't work with my camera what should i do buy a memory card reader?

i have no idea why my camera is not working with my computers. if i buy the memory card reader does it work?My camera is Sony DSC-S650 so should i buy a sony memory card reader?Will it work at all?PLEASE HELP ME IM SO CONFUSED!!!!!


If you get a card reader, no additional software is necessary. This is not only faster, but it saves your camera batteries. Your computer or printer may even have a card reader built into it. I have enough USB ports that I just leave it plugged in all the time. First of all, be sure there are some pictures on the card. Plug the card reader into an open USB port. Plug the card into the appropriate slot on your card reader. I use Photoshop Elements and as soon as I plug my card into the reader, it starts its own card reader and displays a thumbnail of every picture on the card. If this does not happen automatically, open your photo editing software. Do whatever you usually do to open a file, but click on the selector where you can change drives. Your card reader will be assigned a new drive name that will be one letter higher than you ever saw before, such as Drive G: or such. Then, just double click on the name of the file you want to open and it will appear in your photo editor. You can buy various kinds of card readers to accomodate many different memory cards pretty much anywhere that they sell digital cameras. Even WalMart has decent card readers by the major manufacturers. Be sure you get one that accepts Sony Memory Sticks.
Dec 7, 2017
Hey! If you have a mp3 player or ipod, put the card to the camera into the SD card thing! Then use your cord to that and sync the player with computer. Send the pictures from the player to the computer! TADA!
Dec 7, 2017
yes buy the sony memory card reader it will work
Dec 7, 2017

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