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If you jumped from a building, on a chair, could you jump from the chair before you landed?

You've probably seen the Troll Logic picture. Where it's like, Jump from a burning building on a chair, and before you land, jump from the chair. I thought that like, you couldn't jump from the chair. Isn't it like, gravitational force or something? I don't know. But it got me thinking. Anyone know? And can you explain it please?


The chair would not help. ...in simpler terms, pretty much everything falls at the same speed. Newton's gravitational discoveries and whatnot. You and the chair are falling at the same speed. Kick-jumping off the chair would be like kicking off your shoes mid flight; there would be little to no change in velocity and you would hit the ground at full impact. There is actually proof of this happening on a daily basis. No, people aren't jumping off buildings... think of skateboarders. When they bail midair, they sometimes kick their board away from themselves. They don't suddenly rebound in the opposite direction, they keep traveling through the air... until impact. In fact, think of this - traveling at terminal velocity (the max speed gravity can pull you down as you freefall) and then suddenly stopping, resetting your fall. That's an abrupt stop from ~120mph to 0mph. Your internal organs would be torn and destroyed from the velocity change. The conditions would be like a highspeed car crash if you think about it. Better yet, the 'troll logic' method would be just as bad to your body as it would if you just hit the ground anyway.
Sep 30, 2017
1) in free fall, both you and the chair are falling side by side, you are not sitting on it you can 'push off' against it and depending on the relative masses (you have no weight when falling) the chair would would go down a little faster and you would fall slower for a short distance this is the old q about jumping just as an elevator hits bottom say you can jump with a speed of 5 ft /sec at first, just as the elevator hits bottom but you are falling at 100 ft a second and getting faster all the time . so you hit at 95 ft /sec and are just as dead space ships use their 'retro rockets to slow down when landing on the moon when we fall we fall faster and faster that is acceleration not speed common misunderstanding about falling the Mythbusters did the experiment (sort of), see if you can get their show
Sep 30, 2017
If you jumped from a high building you will be going at 120 miles an hour when you hit the concrete. You push away the chair if you have time tio think about it, but the velocity of the push will be very minimal and certainly not enough to affect the flattening blast ,spray of blood, and red mist when you hit.
Sep 30, 2017

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