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Indoor wedding without rows of chairs :(?

The lady who owns the venue we chose is something else, let me tell you...I wish now I'd have gone somewhere else, but we just couldn't afford more! So she won't have the chairs arranged in rows for the ceremony (we're having it indoors because it's FALL) and so we're forced to have guests sit at their tables.How can I make this look better??


I'VE GOT a great solution for you. Get a group of friends that will be willing to break down and remove. I just recently went to a wedding where she had a few of her guests go put the chairs in rows before the guests arrived. afterwards they asked the guests to please step to the side, get some snacks, use the restroom while they set up for reception. They took out the tables then and then pulled the rows of chairs into the tables for the reception! =) Congrats on your wedding. Remember you can only be have fun if you allow yourself to have fun!
Sep 30, 2017
I recently conducted a wedding where the set-up was similar - and because the tables were very long it was impossible to move them away. So we turned the first row of chairs round so the people sat with their backs to the first table and added to the row the chairs on the other side of the table, and then moved the chairs at the other tables so the people at each table were essentially sitting on the one side of that table with their backs to the table and facing the ceremony area (for a ceremony people can sit much closer together than they would for dining) and then after the ceremony people just took their chairs back to their own place. Worked well.
Sep 30, 2017
I would try to dress up the backs of the chairs so they look more formal. This is easy to do! if you can get chair covers, thats great. Either way, tie about 3 yards of your choice of fabric, tie and pin a couple flowers to the back that coordinate with everything else. This will help make it look like this is exactly how you WANTED it to be.
Sep 30, 2017

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