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Is a drop-down ceiling affordable?

I want a drop-down ceiling for my basement, you know with panels and a grid. What is the average cost for a pretty large room? Don't worry about a contractor. My dad is a contractor so no cost for installation. I don't think you even need a contractor for this though. I just need to know if it's affordable. I have a large basement and we need to be able to access the vents and pipes easily through the panels. There's no other option (unless there's an alternative). Thanks :D


affordable is what you can afford..however..measure the area and go to home depot or Lowe's and see how much you are looking at in materials..and if dad will do the install for free that's a plus..now there is the dry wall the ceiling option but as you stated earlier you need to have access to vents and pipes..so the smart choice obviously is to do a drop ceiling..the latter will hurt more with dry wall trying to re patch and repair anything later above the ceiling..and with the drop ceiling you can figure out if you can afford to do 10x10 sections or the hole thing at once..very much affordable and very wise choice..
Apr 14, 2017

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