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Is eating three sandwiches a day a bad idea when youre on a diet?

I've been on a diet for a week now and because of my new low calorie food i eat it's a struggle to even get to 1200 calories by the end of the day! I've been eating 3 sandwiches a day. They consist of whole wheat bread, one slice of ham, and one slice of cheese each. But i'm afraid eating six slices of whole wheat bread will make me gain weight even if I am eating them for the calories to get to at least 1200. Should I stop or is this alright?


That all depends! It can be bad in the long run if you aren't getting balanced nutrients from the sandwiches. With just ham and cheese, there's no way you could be getting everything your body needs nutritionally! Try adding variety into your sandwiches using lettuce, tomatoes, different meats, different dressings, new veggies, etc. Of course, this doesn't mean to go overboard with any one ingredient - keep it healthy. And remember, don't always use fat free dressings; a lot of the time, when there are other veggies involved, they are best consumed with a healthy fat source for best absorption. Regarding the bread... whole wheat bread isn't always what it seems. Real whole wheat bread is made from real whole grains, and you must check the ingredient panel to ensure this is what you are eating; there has been a bit of trickery in the bread industry. The first ingredients should contain items such as whole wheat flour, 100% rolled oats, whole grain corn, etc. Any enriched flour, even if whole wheat, is not what you're after. Sandwiches can be great as long as they are balanced nutrition-wise, so if you really like 'em, I wouldn't say they are a problem. Just make sure your caloric intake is correct for your daily needs, and that you're getting some variety.
Apr 14, 2017

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