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Is Grade A Surgical Steel...?

I'm getting microdermals, from a very experienced piercer, but they don't have titanium and I know titanium is the best for this, but is Grade A Srugical Steel okay too?(P.S. also instead of getting flat heads, of the microdermals, I'm getting flat crystal like ones, are those okay? I know to be careful, I am veryyyy careful with my body, so much that I'm worried I'm going to overly do it when I get them and dry out the skin or something hahaa xp)THANK YOU ALL IN ADVANCE FOR THE HELP


Well a lot of people get microdermals done with surgical steel,yes titanium if better but it can be done with surgical steel.If you want the titanium you can always ask the piercer where they get their jewelery and if they could order them for you.You could also go to a different shop and ask if they have titanium dermals you should be able to buy them off of them.If hes an expensive piercer and your paying a lot for them you should be able to get the ones YOU want.Its YOUR body not theirs. =] hope this helped.
Sep 27, 2017
surgical steel is fine. if you really want titanium ask your piercer if you can buy them yourself and if he can use them. the diamond kind will be okay especially if you are the careful type :)
Sep 27, 2017
Perfect! 3
Sep 27, 2017

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