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Is high chair necessary for toddlers?

What is LINK between high chair and baby hunger.some people has high chair but there babies also refused solids.why some people prefers high chair that child will eat when he sit on it.are u suggest that high chair is solution of baby hunger cause my baby doesn't want his food in any condition,high chair or floor,i am so worried because of my baby health.whenever i gave my baby multivitamins syrup the blood appeared in his stool so i can't give him,what should i do for his eating habit.so PLEASE someone give me BENEFICIAL answer.


i dun think there is a link between high chair and hunger. i use a high chair to 1. keep my child seated when feeding, dun want to chase him all around; 2. he can join us during mealtime at the dinning table. my sons went thru a stage when they will only eat if they have a toy to play with. it was a bad habit. is it possible that your baby isn't hungry? try to cut out all snacks 1hr before mealtime. the other area of concern is the blood in stool. you should really bring him to see a doc about this. no way should a multivit syrup causes blood in stool.
Sep 30, 2017
we've been handling this and my son for a lengthy time period (he's eighteen months). He likes to climb into the rocking chair, and onto our dinning room chairs. I tell him to sit down on his bottom. i am going to tell him two times, and the 0.33 time i am going to get rid of him putting forward mommy reported no no. he's by no potential allowed to climb a table (espresso table or dinning room table). If he does that, I tell him no and redirect him to at least something else he can do. I attempt no longer to make issues a huge deal till I actual could. the bigger a deal I make, the added probable he's to desire to push the limitations. yet no does propose no in our domicile (no count number who's reported it). i imagine what you're doing is giant!! that is sturdy for them to income limitations and that no potential no. Be consistent and be agency! they are going to learn!
Sep 30, 2017
nope -when your baby is starting on solid foods at age 6 mos, invest in a booster seat. it will take up less room in the home has more practical applications. by the time your child is 3-4, he/she can use it for all activities at the dinner table.
Sep 30, 2017

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