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Is steel core ammo legal in Oklahoma?

I know you can still but steel core ammo. I have read that it IS Armor Piercing (AP) and I have read it is not. Which is true? I am not looking for its AP capabilities. I want it if it is or is not AP. I live in Oklahoma. I need to know if it legal for me to purchase it in this state; and where can i get it? I am over 18, not a felon, etc. I have seen it sold online in Oklahoma years ago, but have read it is and isn't legal to purchase here. I am looking for 7.62x39 steel core for an SKS. If anyone knows where or how to get some, please let me know, if it's legal. Thanks.


If it is the same stuff I have seen before it is NOT AP stuff. The steel core is a mild steel that is used as a filler to give the bullet a longer bearing surface by reducing the weight that would have been the additional lead core. If the bullet was filled with all lead it would be over the weight desired for the load OR the projectile would be shorter making it less stable in flight. Also lead is a more costly metal to use than the cheap mild steel that China is producing. Anyone that has bought a tool at Wally World, BLOWES, Or HOMERS DESPOT in the last decade can vouch for how cheap the Chinese steel is...
Sep 27, 2017
You can legally buy chinese steel core and 855 5.56 which is also steel core. That's on the federal level. I don't know about your state in particular but ammo peircing ammo is illegal but there are different grades of steel. If that were the case I couldn't buy Bugarian steel cased light ball in 7.62x54R.
Sep 27, 2017

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