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Is T-304 Stainless Steel dependable?

Im going to buy T-304 Stainless Steel exhaust tips for my truck. Is T-304 Stainless Steel good metal?


Stainless steel is available in 2 grades - 304 and 316. The 304 has traces of ferrous to make it adaptable for the intended purpose. The 316 is non-ferrous and a bit more expensive. Whereas the 316 will not inhibit rust, the 304 will show some flecks (which can be cleaned away) over a period of time. It, however, is as good as the other.
Sep 27, 2017
Surprisingly any stainless steel is considered soft or tough metal. A hardness tester will bare this out. It resists work hardening which means you can bend it many more times than cold rolled or hot rolled steel before it will break. Your choice is a good one for your intended purpose.
Sep 27, 2017

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