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Is the triangle valve in the gas heater delivered? Or do you want to buy it yourself?!

NO1. I wonder if I can send the triangle valve when I buy the gas water heater!NO2. if not, I'll buy it by myself. How many do you want?NO3. triangle valve is a casual purchase can be equipped with a water heater, or according to the water heater in the model to buy it?!


NO1. will not normally be delivered, but the installer will carry it with you, and it will cost you more than you normally buyNO2. wants to buy it by himself. Buy 3 (hot water valve, one cold water valve, one gas valve)NO3. triangle valve to buy 4 cents on the line, you said directly to buy 3 angle valve on the line.NO4. finally buy 3 300cm long high-pressure connections to plug in cold water, hot water, gas, and buy a raw meal belt.Triangle valve, about 15 yuan each, and high pressure connection pipe each 12 yuan. Raw meal with 1.5 yuan
Jul 19, 2017
The water heater installer tells you1 all the water heaters themselves do not use triangular valves2 do you want to buy, remember to be hot and cold, (although not the same can also be used)3, you buy the time to tell the merchant, you need 4 points on it, (the market is a few calls are 4 points)Suggest:Triangle valve you buy, buy a good point, as for the water pipe (the machine itself does not come with), you still use the installation workers a little better,About what you are to do some gas, workers will give you the job, (material fees) if the Gas Co to change it better. (here refers to the change, instead of three, is the stove and water heater with two gas exports, but the original one to change it)
Jul 19, 2017
NO1. don't send it.NO2. up to two, used for water connections, the two are mainly symmetrical to look good.NO3. according to the embedded interface and water heater interface specifications to match, pay attention to the valve material and spool diameter.Note: gas connections must be professional holders of special gas pipes and valves to connect, common triangle valve and water pipe absolutely not.
Jul 19, 2017
1, not very expensive but does not rule out what models will be sent but fleece2 buy four line (hot water valve of a water valve, a mixing valve (with a gas pressure reducing valve in the shower) a)3., four tap water pipe on the line! And a raw meal beltSome manufacturers of installers to see you bring your own parts will receive a certain installation fees, sold to them do not have to4 the truth is the most expensive part of the exhaust pipe you know to send a short flue type don't know in advance to the basic caliber a plumbing store long, can be communicated to the outside on the line!
Jul 19, 2017

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