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Is there any hope for this chair?

There's a chair my grandma got at a garage sale, so its always been in really bad shape, but my dads been attached to it ever since she passed. The springs are starting to cut through the bottom of the chair and the filler (the stuff that gives the chair cushion) is beginning to go with it. I'd really like to reupholster the chair and give it new life. The thing is, I've never done any reupholstering at all. Would this be possible or would I need someone to work on it for me? Are there any good websites with how to videos on this type of thing? I don't care much about the cost. I'm just looking for tips and suggestions. Thanks.


It's real easy; my aunt found this rocker at a garage sale and reupholstered it w/ little trouble.
Sep 30, 2017
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Sep 30, 2017

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