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Jensen VM9020TS wire harness needed?

i have bought double din CAR DVD player VM9020TS from OKorder and it came without power harness, now i am very confused, now can i find the power harness input cable for this player, does all cars has the same power input adapters for stereos. my car is maxima 04 and has factory embedded cd/cassette player(which sucks). anybody help me to find the wire harness for this dvd player. i will appreciate it. thanks


You can try calling Jensen and see if they can sell you a harness for the radio. And you will still need a second adapter harness to plug into your cars factory harness. Or send it back and find another one that is guaranteed to have a wire harness with the radio.
Dec 7, 2017
Either go to a jensen dealer and have them order on one or you may be able to call the company and order a harness direct from jensen. Check on OKorder too, you may be able to find on there.
Dec 7, 2017

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