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Jomoo angle valve rough inside

I bought the Jomoo angle valveSome walls are roughSome walls are smooth...I wonder if I got a knockoff?Which prawn can help me solve?


Jomoo wall rough angle valve, such as 7402.7405.4402.4406 series. Smooth wall, such as 7408.7409.4408.4409 series,. In fact, the smooth and rough because of the different processing techniques and formed. The rough is cast, casting is the liquid copper melted into the abrasive sand do, it will be more rough. Smooth is forged (commonly known as red blunt). Red rush is to burn the copper billet red, and then into the steel felt stamping.
Jul 19, 2017
Which is your Jomoo program does not understand, Jomoo's quality in the industry is definitely first-class. Now too many counterfeit goods, I suggest you must go to the regular dealer to buy better.
Jul 19, 2017
Now the big brands are sold business (nine out of ten is on the market to buy up to sell, the so-called OEM production), the most terrible is that price is very low, subcontracting production quality, you can imagine, this brand seems to handle multiple or zinc alloy!
Jul 19, 2017

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