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Kneeling chair, or Ball chair for low back pain.?

To reduce low back pain when working at the computer, is a Ball Chair the best, or a Kneeling Chair? Any comments from users would be appreciated.


The problem with a Ball chair is that you have to try to keep good posture all the time and that is very hard to do. The kneeling chair is the same way. Research has shown that the average person can only keep good posture for about seven minutes, before they start to slouch. You should just get a good chair with good lumbar support and a high back to make sure that you keep your head against the back and not forward toward the screen. The key thing with lower back pain and chairs is that we were not meant to sit in a chair for five hours straight. One should take breaks as often as possible to stretch and walk around. I really didn't answer your question, because I don't recommend either one. Hope this helps.
Sep 30, 2017
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Sep 30, 2017

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