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leak from the tub down into the basement... how to fix?

Hi there, we have recently came across a leak in the bathroom that comes from the bathtub and down into the basement into this drop ceiling thing we have. The problem is that with this drop celiing there is all kinds of insulation in it, and the water is getting soaked into that and I believe the leak is inbetween the floor where I can't get at it.Does this mean I have to rip up my floor to fix it? How much would it usually cost to have someone fix this..?Thanks.


Drop ceiling thing? If this is a suspended ceiling (dropped ceiling), you have removable tiles sitting on a suspended metal grid. Start taking out the tiles. There may be batt (rolled) insulation on top for sound deadening purposes. The insulation may be a pain. Start at the end of the insulation & pull down, then work up & over the grid, pull down, repeat until the insulation is out. Remove until you think you are at the leak. Remove any thing wet. It needs dried or thrown out, you will get mold. Run the tub. Do whatever it takes to make it leak. Get a bucket if needed. Some possible causes: Only when in use / right after use: Loose drain / over flow fittings on tub Loose screw together drain trap (screw together traps should only be used when 100% open, dropped ceiling don't count) Cracked /hole in drain pipe Leaking tub water / control valve Loose shower head fitting Extreme condensation of humidity on water pipes. Leak all the time: Leaking water lines The suspended ceiling would be much cheaper to repair ( replace tiles) than ripping up a floor. Hard to say on the $$, without knowing what is leaking.
Apr 14, 2017
Do not rip up the floor. The leak is below the floor. Work from the basement and remove the drop ceiling where the leak is at. It is probably a loose connection on the tub drain. After you fix the leak you can repair the cut out in the ceiling.
Apr 14, 2017
If you don't fix it ,it will cause the wood and insulation to get soaked with water and rot etc.fix it asap. you have to remove part of the wall if ness.
Apr 14, 2017
Marc, If you're renting, don't even bother with it. Notify the maintenance people for your complex & have them do it. You shouldn't have to do that.
Apr 14, 2017

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