Leveling cement patio?

I have a cement back porch/patio approx 5'x22' that I've decided to tile.I know...tile outside...touchy subject, except I got 20 inch tiles at a steal. Problem is, while doing a mock layout, I noticed that many areas on the surface are unlevel (the tile rocks). It difficult to identify every single unlevel spot so I can't patch. Any recommendations on leveling the whole thing? Someone mentioned use wonder board (thin cement board) as an overlay, but I believe you'll still have weak spots beneath.Anyone have a suggestion?


how uneven is the slab. You can put a pretty thick layer of thinset adhesive and cover up some of the unevenness. If you put down a 1/2 inch of thinset around the bad spots will it stop the tile from rocking? the whole slab doesn't need to be even, but each tile needs to be even with the ones surrounding it
May 11, 2017

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