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Looking for a private investor.?

Offering 800,000$ worth of machinery and patents in collateral. Any suggestions? I am in the construction industry dealing with powder actuated fasteners for the installation of acoustical ceiling grid, panels, electrical fixtures, electrical wiring, data cables etc... I have an extensive 70 page business plan.I also have bad credit.


Patents do not have value until they are producing money. Nothing worth less than a wild idea with no implementation. Assuming you have machinery, which is worth 800,000 in real present day dollars, not original price, that would justify a loan of 200,000 with that collateral. Primarily because it would take 50% discount just to turn the stuff once you go under. It will take another 25% to take possession, haul to holding, store until sale, ship to buyer. That leaves him with just about what he put into the project. Again that assumes 800k on the actual value. Business plans can be downloaded from the internet fully filled out and seldom reflect actual performance of a business. Chances are good if it takes 70 pages to spell out what the business does, it is too complex for a one man show. Which means obligations for workers and employees. You have bad credit for a reason. That reason usually reflects your financial acumen.
Apr 14, 2017
You could find a patent trading platform to show your patent, then the one who wants to have such a patent will contact you. Or you could directly find some potential individuals and companies to sell your patent. You could implement your business plan with these money.
Apr 14, 2017
Send okorder.com Please send me a note and we can discuss.
Apr 14, 2017

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