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Lowest Power Consumption in a 17 LCD/TFT Monitor?

I'm currently using a 17 LCD LG Flatron monitor and boy am taking a serious hit on my electricity bill. Please suggest me a low power consumption LCD/TFT monitor and in an affordable range.


Normal CCFL-backlit LCD monitors don't use an extraordinary amount of power. Typical 17-inch LCD monitors might consume 40 watts or so. I doubt your LCD monitor is what's causing your large electrical bill. Anyway, the most power-efficient monitors are the ones using LED backlighting. You will not find LED monitors to be cheap, however.
Jan 26, 2018
Lcd Monitor Power Consumption
Jan 26, 2018
Well I honestly doubt a 17 screen is causing any significant jump in electricity bills. I know my old monitor uses 40 watts. If on for 4 hours a day then it will cost about 1 cent (assuming 8 cents/kilowatt hour). Turning off light bulbs, replacing incandescent with CFLs, and lowering the backlights on TVs and Monitors will help. Also, make sure you set up a sleep mode for the computer, so when your not using it, it is in sleep. Or even turn off the computer and monitor at night, if you leave it on. To answer your original question, all LCD monitors of the same size will consume just about the same amount of electricity. If you want a lower consuming monitor, look for EnergyStar rated monitors and LED backlight monitors.
Jan 26, 2018
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Jan 26, 2018

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