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Mag. Wheel (steel and aluminum info)?

Ok, I need two negative facts about steel wheels and two for aluminum wheels. im designing a wheel for a project in design and draw for production class. Also if you find a web site that you got the info from plz refrence it i need to write down the source of the info, but if you can't its ok. Thanks


Negative facts for steel wheels: (1) Not as many style choices as aluminum. (2) Rust easily even when painted or powder coated, due to rock chips. (3) Heaver than aluminum, as far as fuel economy. Negative facts for aluminum wheels: (1) More sensitive to proper torquing of lug nuts. IE torque must be checked more often. (2) Susceptible to impact damage from road hazards much more than steel. (3) Need constant attention to prevent oxidation. Are these what you are looking for? I hope so. Wingman
Sep 27, 2017

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