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Making a mural on plasterboard/gyprock?

At our school, me and several other students are planning to make an outdoor mural to hang on the outside of the school building. the material thats been recommended for us to use is plywood, but it will cost us more money than our funds to get the size we want. one of us has a large board of gyprock that would be just the size we needed. can anyone tell me if we could use it to make the mural?is it weatherproof and will it be compatible with the paint?thank you in advance :)


I am assuming that what you are calling gyprock is what others called sheet rockor drywall which is gypsum (a chalk like material) sandwiched between two layers of heavy paper. If so this is a material that is used on interiors and is NOT weather proof. Exterior or a Marine grade plywood would be the ideal to use out of doors.
May 11, 2017

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