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Metal studs between 2nd and 3rd floor of condo? ?

I live in a three story condo (I'm on second) and the building was built a year ago. I would like to hang my projector from the ceiling, but do not have a stud finder and can't find a stud. I've poked numerous holes in the ceiling and have only come across a couple pieces of metal, so I moved over to where the next stud should be and there was also metal.Would this be metal studs?


It could be that your ceiling joist (not studs), are running the other direction. It also could be that your ceiling framing is metal joist. Another option is the ceiling could be suspended on metal grid that allows drywall to be hung form it. Whatever the application-make sure you have a good secure point to fasten to.
Apr 14, 2017
Installing studs between existing sole plate and top plates you will need to toe-nail the studs (hammer the nails at an angle through the stud into existing wood). You should use four 16d nails, two per side.
Apr 14, 2017
every building three stories or taller will have metal studs
Apr 14, 2017
you got it!! It's quite common actually. No worries though it will hold your projector.,
Apr 14, 2017

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