Microbial Fuel Cell?

I'm building my own MFC and i would like to know what bacteria is responsible for the electricity, and where can i get this bacteria? I also would like to know what i can do to boost the efficiency of my MFC (what can be done to the cathode and anode). I read about using this brush like thing in the anode, where can i get this brush? What is the CHEAPEST catalyst i can use?


Read the article for details on what bacteria to use. Make a Microbial Fuel Cell! Interested in building a Microbial Fuel Cell yourself? Several students, in middle schools, high schools, and in College, have already had lots of fun with this project (see links below). We have even included some general guidelines to help get you started if you are interested in making your own. Guide to making a microbial fuel cell prepared by Karl Shellenberger, Ph.D. student, The Pennsylvania State University
Jan 26, 2018

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