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Mobile data flow switch is not open also run the traffic

Move, obviously the data flow switch off, has been shut, the data flow in the run, but also run a little more than 20 yuan a month, that is the original phone is not easy to use, and now change the mobile 4G and M811, did not dare to open the switch, or in the run, three mobile phones, and are running the flow, a few days ago played 10086, and back to us 15.82 yuan. After the end of the run or run, let my own attention, how do I pay attention to ah, help


Control the flow of the way is to install mobile phone QQ steward. After installing the QQ steward, you will need to network such as QQ, UC browser and other software into the list of trust, and then other software into the "blacklist", the blacklist of software is not the Internet. This will be able to effectively prevent traffic from sneaking. If you set the blacklist, but also the phenomenon of traffic jip, then there may be some of the white list of software is automatically connected to the network, in the white list of software settings can be set up. No more, then directly with the QQ steward "to prevent all software networking" function, when you need to cancel the Internet, not when the Internet will continue to open this restriction.
May 9, 2017
You open the phone settings, which has a "battery and data management," which has a "data transfer" and then open the "data" on the back of the pigeons that can not take GPRS inside. Even if the switch off the wireless LAN, usually do not want to close, when marked with a check mark! Also you will find that there is a mobile network with up and down arrow icons also mobile app icon!
May 9, 2017
The software loaded on the phone, when the phone is turned on automatically connected to the network function If you do not close the data connection, the software running in the background will consume traffic Note that you should turn off data connections when you are not using data to avoid damage.
May 9, 2017
This is generally not. If this happens, indicating that the phone number function is not normal, should contact the 10086 customer service manual service to solve this problem.
May 9, 2017

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