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Mobile phone (Samsung) received SMS traffic switch automatically open,

Mobile phone (Samsung) received SMS traffic switch automatically open, if the original open NET, NET from the NET into WAP. The monthly flow of more than 1.5G used 20 Question: mobile phone (Samsung) received a message flow switch automatically open, if the original is used to open the NET, will be changed from NET to WAP, chaos running traffic, the monthly traffic used more than 1.5G, how can we solve? The The I downloaded something or upload a picture if a message immediately broke into a WAP access for a while to connect, upload something to be interrupted but also re-upload, download something but also point to start again Caixing. Really depressed. The original phone for the motherboard before there have been such a situation, because the 2G network can not be used to call only 3G Internet to repair the reasons, for the motherboard no longer automatically opened. Now with a period of time and the emergence of this problem, very depressed. Who can know how to solve?


Dear Samsung User Hello: According to your description, you can refer to: 1. Re-open the machine to try 2. Uninstall the latest installation of third-party software after the test, the initial exclusion is caused by third-party software 3. After running the program such as browser, e-mail and other functions, It is recommended to press the "return key" to exit, if the "main screen", the application is still running in the background, not really closed (or you can enter the task manager to run the background of the program).
May 9, 2017
4. Can be through the SIM card corresponding to the business hall is what is the use of traffic. 5. Backup mobile phone data (phone book, SMS, multimedia files, etc.) to restore the factory settings If the problem still exists, we recommend that you carry the purchase of three bags of vouchers, the phone sent to the nearest Samsung service center for testing and maintenance.
May 9, 2017
May be the phone thing, you have to ask where you buy a mobile phone.
May 9, 2017

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