Multi Card Reader?

I have just bought one and plugged it in, a pop up saidnew device found, i put my memory card in thats from my N95, but nothing pops up saying install. So how do i make it work?What are the steps?


Since it's saying that a device has been found, go to 'My Computer' and see if you have new drives mapped. Your computer will map a drive for each slot on your reader. Even with the card in you wont be able to tell which drive your card is in so you will have to click on each drive to see if your photos are there. They will be located inside of a folder or two. Also, if you double-click on the Safely Remove Hardware option, you will see a list of removable devices. Double-click on each one and that will open a new window showing what drive letters belong to that device.
Dec 7, 2017
seem the Multi-Card Reader up on-line with the hunt engine of your determination. acquire the present software for it and attempt operating that installation record and get that on your pc first. Unplugged the multi-reader, then potential down your pc. Restart it without the hardware linked and anticipate the computer to end idleing. potential down once more suitable then potential it back on and wait until eventually it idles back. linked the Multi-Reader hardware and note if it shows up in My pc. If no longer then i ought to contact the producer genuine away.
Dec 7, 2017
its not gonna say anything just go to my computer or my pc and go into the new icons should give you access into one of those
Dec 7, 2017

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