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My girlfriend have 2 mobile phone ? is it normal ?!?

i have been with this girl for 2 years she recently bought a new mobile phoneshe gave me the number as soon as she bought the new phone when i asked her why she need a second phone , she told me she use it to call her father (free call) because her father goes to trip a lot should i believe her ?


2 mobiles phones - is this normal? - well some people yes they have two phones Should I believe her ? well no-one here should tell you what you should or shouldn't be thinking surely ? But look at the facts ! She buys a new mobile and gives you the number ! She gives you the number !! is that the act of a person with something to hide ?? Not in my book She then tells you she is going to use the phone to make free calls to her father - that's just common sense on her part surely ? its probably cheaper to buy that phone and get free calls, than pay expensive rates on her existing phone. Sounds like this is all down your trust issues or lack of self-esteem on your part rather than anything g/f has or hasn't done
Dec 7, 2017
why are u not interested in her u are a general and u give orders and your wives have to close their mouths enjoy it
Dec 7, 2017

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