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My keyboard has stopped responding?

I'm currently using On-Screen Keyboard to type this question. I'm on a Windows 7 Acer desktop (Acer Aspire X1420G-U5832), and my keyboard is an Acer keyboard (Model: SK-9621). My keyboard started to have issues a few days ago. For example, I would press 'P' and it would show p/, or I would press 'N' it would show 'nh.' This problem has worsened to the point where my keyboard has stopped responding. When I press Caps lock, Num lock, or Scroll lock on my On-Screen Keyboard, it would appear on my keyboard (the color will show). Also, I tried using my keyboard on my Xbox 360, but to no avail it would not respond. Please help me.


with your normal keyboard, are you on a different country setting? have you by accidentally switched it to france or something? I do that sometimes, then it doesn't let you type properly since you are now speaking in that language, so some things on your keyboard are restricted. Or maybe you pulled off a key, or you spilled food on your computer, so the food went under the keyboard. or maybe you pressed too hard and the bottom of the key got damaged? And yes, you probably did switch it to another language which is adding / to the end of your letters. Just switch it back, or you can type then delete all the /. Hope this helped.
Jan 26, 2018
you're USB port would be undesirable, your motherboard would be going, or your ability furnish should no longer have sufficient ability on your peripherals. Or, as reported, the keyboard motive force would be a topic. i've got had problems with the Logitech drivers interior the previous. attempt utilising a diverse USB port (if this works, the USB port is undesirable). attempt utilising fewer USB peripherals (if this works, you will possibly no longer have sufficient ability for all your peripherals). attempt utilising the ordinary keyboard motive force instead of the Logitech motive force. in case you have a USB-to-PS2 adapter, attempt utilising the PS2 keyboard port instead of the USB port.
Jan 26, 2018

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