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My phone automatically opens the data switch after the lock screen!

But I obviously shut down before the lock screen, I did not verify the case will not lock the screen will be like this? Mobile moto xt912 ma


Should be the Andrews system phone, the phone automatically opens the data switch, only one possible: a software on your phone to get the right to automatically open the network connection, you can download a LBE, in the software permissions set all the software Automatically open the network connection permissions are closed on it, or the background is very costly traffic. Suggest: 1. Check whether the mobile phone background network software. To end the background program, press the [HOME] key to enter the task manager - the active application - click [End]. 2. When not using the synchronization function, it is recommended to cancel the account synchronization. 1). If you are using Andrews 2.3 and previous versions: Settings - Account and Sync - Automatic sync, background data - cancel the checkbox respectively. 2). If you are using the Andrews 4.0 version: Settings - Account and Sync - Account and Sync - Close. 3). If you are using Andrews 4.1 or above: Standby Page - Down Screen Top Curtain - Turn off the "Sync" function. 3. Some software such as: security guards and other support to start automatically after the start function, it is recommended to disable the function. 4. Uninstall the third-party software for the recent download and install: Settings - Application Manager - Download, Find Uninstall. 5. If the mobile data is still automatically open, please back up the phone data (contacts, text messages, pictures, etc.), and then restore the factory settings (set - reset / privacy / personal - restore factory settings).
May 9, 2017
Settings - Data Manager - Data Delivery - Data Enable Checkout See useful not But every time you want to use here, but also open here And you can open the next is not installed some of the software assistant will automatically open the traffic to update
May 9, 2017
Is a cell phone poisoning, you can install 360 guards to manage
May 9, 2017

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