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Nintendo R4 DS Card Reader?

i have my r4 card but i have no micro sd card reader so i was wondering if i can still transfer games to my card without the card reader???please and thank-you :)


You need some kind of card reader or transfer device. Does your mobile take micro-sd cards? If so you could put your micro-sd card into that and then plug that into the computer, then activate Mass Storage device mode on the phone. This will let you see the phone as a hard drive (the same way a memory card reader would). You could also plug it in to a normal SD card reader if you have a micro-sd card converter (normally come free with the cards). Also don't forget when installing the games you also need to install the R4 firmware first which can be downloaded from the R4 website. btw I presume your only going to install freeware games on it.
Dec 7, 2017
you can either use a micro sd card reader or a micro sd card adapter, which slides into a regular sd slot on a computer.
Dec 7, 2017

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