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No radio or clock in 2001 hyundai elantra?

I have checked every single fuse under the hood and under the steering wheel. Still no radio, clock, or dome lights.


Double check the fuses tor the dome light and cigar lighter, its easy to miss a bad fuse If you have a test light or DVOM (multi meter) use it to check both sides of the fuse for power, obviously an open in the fuse is going to cause one side of it to have power and not the other. You will need these tool to verify the fuse is getting power, check the condition of the fuse, and trace the power to the individual components on that circuit. For backyard mechanics, Harbor Freight has these tool for the $5-10 range that work great for occasional use. Good luck man! If you need any further help with open / short diagnosis just let me know.
Dec 7, 2017

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