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Painting My walls with a Grid Art Pattern?!?

OK so im painting my walls like a grid art painting, but im painting them on big poster board so i can change it when i want... good idea or no? i have 4 walls and a little wall for my door and every walls going to be different and when its done its going to tell a story with pictures ....do you know what kind of paint would be best? for the poster board? is this a good idea?


So what you're doing, is using large poster bristol board, and on each, you are painting images, that in total, creates a story or day in a life scene, poster paints or craft acrylics may do, maybe do a set of paintings that explain you whole day, or week, or year, maybe do a walk-through on one painting, and each piece is one step, the final piece complete, maybe do a whole vine that grows from one board into the next, and each board has a flower, maybe do a typographic set of words, that in total create the image that words represent, maybe do a set of colors, each one blends or creates contrast with the next, maybe do a sudoku with colors in checker board so there are 9 colors but align like numbers maybe do a black & white design, and one color on each board, that represents something personal, maybe do a different grid, circles or triangles, and create a mosaic mix of time sequences, maybe do a floor or ceiling design on walls to turn room on side or end, maybe do a set of hair styles from top to bottom, or giant makeup-kit, hundreds of nail polished designs, have fun mostly, :) ..
Apr 14, 2017

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