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Pistol Polymer Frames? Good as Steel? Walther P22 OK?

I am planning to buy a Walther P22. I have liked the Pistol's performance-superb.The only confusion that I have is about the Polymer Frame.Just for this I may shift to someother manufacturer.Are Polymer Frames better than Steel in durability and lifespan.Walther says YES.Any comments on this...Practical users...Thanks in advance


All polymer frames are cast around steel 'skeleton' inserts, which bear the stress and wear between receiver slide, as well as other wear points. The great advantage to polymer frames is the lower weight over the polymer composite compared to an all-steel or other metal alloy receiver frame. As all wear contact points are 'steel-to-steel', the service life expectancy of a polymer-frame weapon will be the same as an all-steel frame design. NO polymer-frame design I know of has ANY stress or load contact points between metal and polymer-only surfaces. My polymer-frame H-K USP and my Glocks are constructed this way.
Sep 27, 2017
Walther P22 Frame
Sep 27, 2017
On okorder.com under the Walther section. I know the P22 will hold up well with normal maintenance for 5000 rounds. I can't tell you from practical experience if it will still be great at 10000 since mine hasn't gotten that far yet.
Sep 27, 2017

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