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Pls help me!!! Mobile phone survey.?

I'm doing this for my school project.Pls help me by answering a few questions.Thanks a lot. :)What brand and type of your mobile phone?Why did you choose this brand?What's the advantage and disadvantage of this brand?What does this brand mean to you?Which mobilephone would you want if you can pick any?What do you think about a child having a mobile phone?Thanks again.


T-mobile. Samsung intercept. Because they're cheap(: T-mobile is cheap but you have to pay a lot of money to get out of a contract. A cheap phone company ? IPHONE 4S Definently ! :DD Children are still learning responisbility at the time and most likely to lose their phones sometimes /: it all depends on the responsibility of the child to me.
Jan 26, 2018
Samsung Galaxy S II this is a strong cellular sort with solid high quality solid high quality, solid help, Get what you pay for not something truly is a draw back to me Its ability a great number of apps, great customization and solid high quality Samsung Galaxy S III or Samsung Galaxy Beam as long via fact the youngster makes use of it for the astounding ingredient
Jan 26, 2018

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