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Power Cord For Gaming Chair?

So I bought a Gaming Chair and I have a all the cords but Power Cord. It is a Audio Responce Technology chair but one of the older ones and the part where you control the sound from chair is a 52000 Sound Rocker and if you could tell me what type of power cord that would be great and Thanks in Advance.


You mean you brought a gaming chair WITHOUT the Power cord? There should be a label on the chair (probably under the seat) that tells you what make it is - if its a older model, they may not make power cords for it any more - especially if its a discontinued model and there is two, three or more models that have come after it. A quick look around Ebay shows that there is nothing there - so you're best bet would probably be to go to an indepent game store (NOT A CHAIN). Independent Game stores are a great source of information (as well as deals) and whilst they may not be able to source you one directly, they may have a regular customer, who has a friend who has a spare one. Certainly my experiences in my local independent game store - is that information is traded freely between owner and regular customers - if the shop itself can't help you directly - they ask their regular customers if they have/can source a certain item and if they'd be willing to sell it to them for resell.
Sep 30, 2017

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