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problem with my LCD computer monitor?

I have bought the LCD computer monitor, and previously it worked well, when u turn the power on and if it is not connected to the CPU it says no signal, but right now even if i connect to the CPU it says the same, every thing else looks pretty much fine from outside, can you help me with that


There could be a problem with the cable from the PC to the monitor, your video card or the actual monitor itself. If you try a different cable or monitor you can start eliminating the possibilities
Dec 7, 2017
Your monitor connects to the video card not the cpu. If you get no signal it could be one of the following;_ 1 the leads from the monitor to the video card is not connected properly make sure that it is pushed into the video card and tight. Check the lead itself at the monitor end try lifting the lead up so its above the monitor see if that does the trick A faulty lead can cause that problem Note if it is the lead to get it replaced can bbe dearer than a new monitor 2. the video card is faulty.: check the video card make sure it is seated in the slot properly If neccessary try it in another computer. If it still does not work get a new video card.
Dec 7, 2017
By CPU I'm assuming you mean your computer case. well basically there could be a few things wrong, your computer could not be turned on, your cables could not be plugged in properly. the resolution on the computer may be set to a higher resolution than the Screen can handle. Try checking the cables, checking of there plugged in properly, check if the computer is turned on, turn the screen on and off, check if you haven't connected the VGA port to the motherboard instead of the graphics card, reset the screen through the menus on the LCD. Good luck
Dec 7, 2017
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Dec 7, 2017

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