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production function of a senate committee chair?

what are the inputs a senate committee chair can give? and what are the outputs?will it result to a increasing/decreasing/constant returns to scale graph?


Very interesting but misplaced question Prouduction of Steel means Steel is the output, iron ore and Coking coal are inputs. So, Production function of a senate Committee Chairman would mean A senate Committee Chairman as the ouput. Inputs are selectors/ voters who selct the Chair and the number and nature of Committes. These determine how many chairs would there be and who whould be chairing each of them. But if you think the brain and activity of Chair in the Committee as inputs along withtheir burecratic assistants and computer time and the output is in terms of their findings/ reports/ recommendations. Mostly garbage in, garbage output. The retuns to scale are dectreasing if we consider large number of Committes, but increasin returns as the senators get to understand better as they go through the deliberations.
Sep 30, 2017

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