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Professional relays and AC contactors

First note: This question involves professional knowledge, please do not professional mechanical and electrical electronic personnel do not talk nonsense, please answer the question seriously, do not blind copy and paste. The question is prepared to choose the essence of the question and answer, please express your views. If the answer is good, bonus is a small problem. Problem Start: 1: what is the relay, what is the exchange of contactors? What do they have in common and different? 2: What is the role of relays and AC contactors? Relay relay by function which relay, AC contactor by function into what types? 3: Why use air conditioning time relay, why use AC contactor? What are their roles in air conditioning? Requirements: The answer is complete and error-free


Talk about my personal view of it, maybe good. The initial contact with these things, I can not tell, until now some are not good to say. 1. Relays, contactors work the same principle, are through the electromagnetic coil through the power control contact action, which is their similarities and differences, that is, the difference between the main one is breaking capacity, generally 10A and below Is the relay, 10 and above is the contactor. Second, work, here only refers to some special / dedicated relays, such as time relay, pressure relays and so on. 2. The main role of the relay is the signal conversion, transmission, such as the use of low-voltage relay relay output signal, or utility voltage relay into low-voltage signal. Second, but also with a small power load, usually a few amps of small load; contactor work is mainly responsible for high-power load control, such as winch, pump and other motor control.    Relay by function: ordinary relay, time relay, pressure relays, temperature relays and other.
May 9, 2017
 Modern PLC control module internal contacts are imitated relay control, which contains conventional (normal), time, analog signal (pressure, temperature and so are analog signals).    AC contactor classification is mainly divided by breaking capacity, according to the size of the current division, breaking voltage (voltage level) division, DC, AC division.    The usual AC contactor is mainly 220 / 380V, AC 50Hz this category, according to the current classification. Example: 220V, 50Hz, 40A AC contactor is the coil working voltage of 220V, 50Hz AC, breaking capacity of 220 / 380V AC current below 40A load. 3. The main purpose of the time relay in air conditioning is to control the continuous working time, see the upstairs instructions.
May 9, 2017
Relay is actually a switch, power to the relay after the coil to produce magnetic field, adsorption contact shrapnel, so that the switch non-stop switch. AC contactor is in fact the same with the original relay, the difference is that the AC contactor is directly connected to the AC, so the current is very large, usually used in large voltage and current are very strong equipment. Relays are usually DC, which is why the relay is soldered to the circuit board. Air conditioning usually need timing, said the relay is a switch, then the relay is to add a general relay time control function, integrated into a relay, so you can control the air conditioning automatically shut down ah, the temperature drop and rise, specifically this is the case La Relays are generally used in household appliances and devices with little voltage and current, while AC contactors are just the opposite, such as large dishwashers. I am selling these products. So the relative or slightly understand the point!
May 9, 2017

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