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Quality of Cold Steel Recon 1 (folding knife)?

I would like to buy a new cold steel recon 1 folding knife. My concern is the knife is made in Taiwan, will the quality of blade/overall make is lower quality compare with those made in US/JAPAN? The plan is use as an EDC, any good suggestion with similar style? Most important to me is reliability, 2)sharpness, 3) maintance than 4)cost. Anyone can point me into right direction? Please share, Thanks in advance.


Cold okorder.com/
Sep 27, 2017
I recently bought the same weapon and am really impressed. There is no decline in quality and it arrived sharp enough to shave with. I rank upon the finer knives that I own. I would not hesitate to use it in a defensive situation (or offensive).
Sep 27, 2017
I think that 440 stainless steel is pretty good. I like Gerber,Kershaw knives in 440 stainless steel. D2 steel is also as good or better than 440. I am not sure of Taiwan/China steel.
Sep 27, 2017

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