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Realtek SD Card Reader invisible in Windows 7?

I have just built my HP G60 438NR with Windows 7 32-bit. The Realtek SD Card Reader drivers were installed fine but the SD card reader isn't showing up at all. In Device Manager window, I get Unknown Device. I have installed the most current driver setup from Realtek website. But it still doesn't appear when there is a card inserted. What am I supposed to do?Any help is greatly appreciated.


1) Disconnected Realtek SD Card Reader and reconnected it. I wanted Windows to automatically detect the hardware change. 2) Disabled and re-enabled the controllers. a) Opened Device Manager. b) Expanded IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers. c) Un-installed each item one by one. d) Restarted the computer. 3) After the computer started, Windows reinstalled all the controllers that I've uninstalled. Then your Realtek SD Card Reader should be working.
Dec 7, 2017
i could attempt to run yet another SD card to work out if this is the cardboard it is not being examine. you may additionally run the kind interior the residing house windows 7 Compatibility center and notice if the driving force desires to be as much as date. you in addition to could ought to evaluate that it must be a hardware concern. -- Ryan residing house windows Outreach team
Dec 7, 2017

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