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Removing ceiling tiles, good idea?

We are working on a store front which has ceiling tiles in it. However we wanted an open air look, maybe leaving the grids, but no tiles. We were going to paint the grids and tiles, but have discovered that it would be too expensive, because we would have to paint them back before moving. My question would be, above the tiles is just a metal roof, which is a flat roof, so it would have the tar on top of the metal I think, is it a good idea to just remove the tiles for the open air look? or would that make the building too inefficient during the winter and summer?


It will make it colder. Warm air travels upward & you would have no ceiling to stop that escaping heat. Ceiling tiles. We had some that looked awful. We took them down & layed them on the yard. Vacuumed them and with a paint brush, painted lightly (not in the 'dimples', cracks of tile) so the 'old' still showed in the 'dips', then replaced when dry.
Apr 14, 2017
yea it would be cold but even more the tar tens to wear away and a little at a time it will fall. Plus have you ever smelled tar in summer. It will come into the seating of the building. yuk
Apr 14, 2017

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